Hurricane season is here. From June 1 to November 30, all Broward County residents are encouraged to be ready for these dangerous storms. Forecasters predict that this year’s hurricane season has a 60% chance of being extremely active. Here’s a short guide to ensure you and your family can survive without power, refrigeration, and/or water during a major storm for seven days.

Talk About It

Hold family meetings to discuss what needs to be taken care of. This can include delegating responsibilities, such as food acquisition, gas for generators, making minor repairs within the home to minimize damage, especially with many home insurers changing their coverage options before hurricane season. Also discuss where your local shelters are and evacuation routes.

Get Your Documents 

Have your important documents in an easily accessible waterproof bag or case. This includes social security cards, birth certificates, medical information and prescriptions, and other identification for yourself, children, and pets.

Make Sure You Eat

Get some packaged or canned tuna, crab, chicken breast, sardines, mackerel, Vienna sausages. Also you’ll need some peanut butter for protein. Beef and turkey jerkies are a good snack as well. Pretzels, pasta, nutrition bars, popcorn, sliced bread, melba toast, cereals, rice cakes, canned vegetables, soups, hard candy, cookies, tea, and any other food that can survive with minimal refrigeration. Have enough food to last seven days in case government assistance isn’t readily available.


Don’t let cleanliness fall by the wayside during a natural disaster, as COVID-19 still poses a threat to unvaccinated populations. Make sure to have disinfecting wipes, sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, rags, cloths, and lots of bottled and jug water. Also don’t forget trash bags.

Go Kit 

For more info visit this website.

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