Be careful driving on the streets of Broward County, as Broward Sherriff officers are looking for drivers who are speeding and driving recklessly throughout the summer. The Summer Splash Operation targets speeders, aggressive drivers, and those who are impaired or distracted. This includes texting while driving. The campaign is over at the end of July.

“Operation Summer Splash is an educational enforcement plan that we are utilizing this summer,” said Sergeant Todd Michael, of the Broward Sherriff Office’s Regional Traffic Unit in a video posted on the department’s website. Michael added that there will be “a high concentration in areas that we’ve seen increases of traffic fatalities as well as speeding.”

There were more than 34,000 crashes in Broward County last year, according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Michael says the program is to help educate and keep the streets safer.

“Your one act of aggressive driving could lead to a wreck that could ruin a family’s life forever,” Michael said. If pulled over, police officers will provide educational material in addition to whatever penalty is warranted.–STEPPING-UP-SUMMER-TRAFFIC-ENFORCEMENT.aspx

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