The Cycle

So someone stole my bicycle off my porch. I felt violated, I felt angry, and I felt ready to shoot. I rode up and down Pompano looking for the culprit. […]

One Minute Preacher

  Encouraging words one minute at a time from Reverend Griff, man of God. Video link:

B*tch Slapped

I was going to use this space to talk about the Will Smith slap at the Oscars. Watching it live was nothing short of hilarious. But I truly think that […]

Letter From the Editor

2022’s Black History Month flew by. February felt much shorter than the normal 28 days. The brevity of it all had me wondering, what is the point? Why do we […]

What to do if Your Pulled Over?

Racial profiling does still happen, and many of you know getting pulled over while black can get you killed. Think of Philando Castile and Sandra Bland, pulled over for minor […]

Letter from the Editor

To my readers, I thank you for your patience as I have been going through one of the most difficult times in my life. My brother Rashad aka “PeeWee” was […]

Pompano’s Isle Casino to become Live!

The City of Pompano Beach recently received the green light from the Broward County Commission to move forward with Pompano Park South Activity Center, 777 Isle Capri Circle, currently where […]

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