The taxes Pompano Beach residents pay help to pay for the city’s services. The fiscal year started October 1, 2021, and showed an increase of the city’s budget from $308 billion last year to $310 billion this year. COVID-19 impacted the city negatively and resulted in deferment of new requests from city departments, including the hiring of 11 full-time positions in public works, parks and recreation, and cultural affairs. Still, the city will use the additional revenue from resident taxes to provide services to improve resident’s quality of life. These services include:

· Additional police units in the Northwest section for public safety

· A Medicaid supplemental payment program

· Creating a marketing department to better showcase the city’s services

· Installing bike lanes, widening sidewalks, and other capital improvement plans

· Opening of the Charlotte Burrie Civic Center, 2669 N Federal Highway

· Adding 11 new positions city wide

· Opening a city-operated charter school in the 2023-2024 school year

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