By Megan Rebecca

Broward County is proud to have over 275,000 residents of the Caribbean or West Indian descent.

Many of these residents are older than 55, and often times long for activities that remind them of back home in Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Guyana, and other Caribbean nations. That’s where Tähti’s Social Club comes in. The club is a space for adults to engage in stimulating, fun, and culturally inspired activities with virtual and in-person events. The organization has hosted Caribbean-themed game nights with dominoes, cards, Ludo, and other games. The club also offers book clubs, recipes, estate planning, and even dating.

The club was created by Dr. Nardia Aldridge to honor her late mother, Tähti. The club is for people who “do not view themselves as old and do not want to visit a more traditional senior center, based on more than 100 one-on-one interviews,” Aldridge said. “The perception of the traditional senior center does not align with how these people view themselves, particularly as life spans increase and an effort to remain fit.” For more information visit

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