Broward County Libraries Division is happy to announce the elimination of late fines. Late fines will no longer accrue on borrowed library materials and customers will not be fined for items that are returned after the due date. The libraries division also cancelled all existing late fines on library cardholder accounts, with the late fines being removed from accounts in October. Cardholders are still financially responsible for lost or damaged items and are encouraged to return materials on time to make them available to others. 

Approved unanimously by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, this new initiative aligns with the Board’s commitment to library services and access to information for Broward County citizens. It will also provide economic relief during a time of rising prices and growing inflation. 

“This is an exciting step in reducing and eliminating obstacles to library usage that disproportionately impact those without the means to pay,” says Broward County Library Director Allison Grubbs. “Removing these late fines, while still requiring the items to be returned, allows more people to enjoy our materials for education, enrichment and inspiration.” 

This change is part of a national library industry movement, guided by the recommendations of the American Library Association, to increase public access to library services. Visit our website at 

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