Lamar Jackson

The Ravens are reportedly not inclined to offer Jackson the fully guaranteed $200 million contract he desires. Jackson allegedly turned down an offer just before the start of the season worth $290 million because the money wasn’t fully guaranteed.

Jackson rushed for 119 yards and a touchdown in a 42–38 loss to the Miami Dolphins, giving him 11 100-yard rushing games in his five-year career to surpass Michael Vick’s all-time record for most such games by a quarterback.

Lamar Jackson Day

Lamar Jackson purchased Tasty’s Soul Food Sports Bar & Grill, 3770 NE 3rd Ave., Pompano Beach, which is now called Play Action Soul Food. Jackson’s slogan is “You 8 yet?

Kodak Black

Kodak Black Day attracted over 3,500 people in June. It was described as a family event with no incidents.

Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones was named Top 5 Shooting Guards for Miami Heat by the Sun Sentinel for the Miami Heat’s 35th year. Jones was number two after Dwayne Wade, who Wade calls his mentor. Jones helped to keep the Heat on fire at the end of the Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway era 2001–2004. Jones is a Pompano Beach native who graduated from Blanche Ely high school.


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