My ex won’t leave me alone. What do I do?

Dear Annie,

My ex keeps calling me and wanting to meet up. We broke up over a year ago. I’m still single, but I am not interested. I want no parts of their life. When we were together it was alright, but we broke up because we just grew apart. How do I let ’em down easy?


Running From My Ex


Dear Running From My Ex,

YOU BETTER GO! There ain’t no easy let down, they straight BOTHERING YOU! Whenever an ex comes back into your life, just remember God don’t like ugly. That scoundrel is creeping back into your life because they’re lonely, bored, or just plain desperate. Either way and any way that’s not a good look for you boo! We don’t do destitute, we don’t go backwards, we go forwards. So, it’s time for you to block that number, block the IG, block the Facebook, you don’t need to meet for brunch or dinner, they don’t need to come over and see the kids, you don’t need them AT ALL. Save yourself the drama, trauma, and headache. For all you know, your ex is all cuddled up as someone else’s next and they looking to get you into some mess. Don’t step in this dog poo, leave it alone. You can do better than foolin’ with a fool who don’t know your worth.

Leave the past in the past.


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