By Mikelange Olbel, CEO of Community Based Connections, Inc

As I See it…

Fathers are needed across the world. Fathers have always been the leader of the family, and while times have changed for some, one thing that remains true is that fathers are necessary for any family. I am not taking away from anyone else and their labor of love for their family, but as a father myself is my responsibility to be a protector, provider, lover, and community statesman.

The overarching goal of Awesome Dad Awesome Mentoring (A.D.A.M.) is to unite fathers by engaging them in their families and children’s lives. The program provides weekly group sessions and a safe environment for fathers to exchange ideas, share stories, and discuss topics related to being dads. New and experienced fathers have a platform to speak to each other, obtain help becoming better fathers, foster healthier relationships with their children and their partners, and develop successful parenting strategies. Fathers learn from others and foster strong friendships with like-minded people. Fathers are given the opportunity to strengthen their bond with their children at scheduled father and child group activities and provided with an array of wraparound services to address barriers that can hinder their ability to be fully present and engaged fathers.

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