Feel the island of Jamaica at the “Island Imprint: Yardie Point of View” exhibit at the Bailey Contemporary Arts, 41 NE 14th St., Pompano Beach.

Jamaica is known for its “irie” vibe, marijuana smoking Rastas, curry and patois. But there is so much more to being a “yardie” that artists David I. Muir, Mark Cameron, and Charles “Mark Phi” Smart aim to convey in their latest exhibit.

The exhibit is a collection of photographs and art by Muir, a photographer and artists Cameron and Smart, which aims to capture the Jamaican spirit, as well as the Jamaican-American experience.

“My work generally explores authenticity in people, and relationships between cultural and class identities within the context of my own experiences,” said Muir, who is originally from Jamaica. Some of his work include “Reggae Reel” and “Pieces of Jamaica.”

Cameron is a painter with an interest in nature and the environment, particularly landscapes and seascapes. He was born in Jamaica and moved to New York for college. His work has been featured in Art Basel and the Urban League National Conference. He currently works on abstract, representational, and impressionistic art.

Smart or Mark Phi is a “ARTivist,” mixing art with activism. He believes his art can change the world for the better. He uses sales from his art to help those who are in need. He painted anonymously until 2019.

The collection is curated by Calibe Thompson, owner of Island Origins Syndicate and the Island Space Caribbean Museum, 8000 W. Broward Blvd.

The exhibit is up until November 24.

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