Pompano’s Beach Rolicking Reggae Band and Entertainment Company

Want to feel the island vibes? Check out Ifrolix Studio, a cozy reggae lounge within city limits at 1715 S Dixie Highway. Ifrolix is also a four-person group of talented musicians who perform reggae, dance hall, and popular covers. Their studio is a full-scale entertainment and production company that provides live music, audio and video recording, DJ services, and more for weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, and other special events.

Bass player and founder Mark McKenzie is a modern-day Jamaican Renaissance Man. Besides being a musician, he is a world-renowned ice sculptor, chef, and entrepreneur. Other members of the Ifrolix band include keyboardist Ito Dan, a Belizean musician, producer, sound engineer, and music director. Carlton Starliner plays drums and percussion, and his energetic beats are reminiscent of the sounds of the islands. Singer Ras Lee and Chavel provide powerful reggae vocals, and DJ Funtasy spins pumping dance music in between sets.

Ifrolix embraces the energy and magnetism of reggae. McKenzie named the band “Ifrolix” as a pun on the word “frolic.” The word frolic means to “play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically.”

Their music will have you dancing and they can bring the party to you, providing all your entertainment needs. Ifrolix also rents out the C37 lounge and entertainment space, which is a perfect place to produce your promo video or host your next event.

Check out Ifrolix at the
C37 Lounge
1751 South Dixie Highway, C37
Pompano Beach, Florida USA

Their phone number is ​954–643–6176

Their website is https://www.ifrolixtv.com/



You can email requests to amazukigroup@gmail.com

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