Black people have a love-hate relationship with outside. Let it get too hot and we headed back in the door, but let the weather be right and we can spend the whole day outdoors. It may be hard for Black people to find other outdoorsy folks to connect with. That’s where Outdoor Afro comes in, a community of Black people helping other black people enjoy outside. There are a variety of hikes, camping trips, kayaks, and other events to connect black people outside. There are frequent meet-ups in Miami, but the organization is looking for leaders in the Broward County area.

In an effort to continue to connect Black people outdoors. Outdoor Afro recently partnered with Sun Outdoors, a camping partner, to “inspire Black connections in nature and provide interactive outdoor experiences,” according to a news release.

“As an organization who set out to be a leader in inspiring Black connections to the outdoors, we have found a partner perfectly in alignment with our mission and values,” said Outdoor Afro Founder and CEO Rue Mapp. “I’ve always found freedom and a sense of peace being outdoors. With the help of Sun Outdoors, we can bring even more outdoor experiences to life and connect in nature with a wider community.”

Outdoor Afro is the nation’s leading, cutting-edge network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. With more than 100 leaders in 56 cities around the country, Outdoor Afro provides safe spaces for generations of Black people to experience and enjoy nature while changing the face of conservation along the way.

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