Good Growth and Leadership

Barry Moss is no stranger to the dais; he’s spent three terms representing District 5.

This time he’s looking “to protect the interests of District Five and to ensure that the kind of development and growth (happening in the city) benefits the residents of Pompano Beach,” Moss told Villij News.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from The American University in Washington, DC. While in DC he worked under two United States Senators and owned a real estate appraisal company for 36 years. He was also a teacher in Portugal for four years.

Moss would like to see Pompano Beach continue to grow, but in a way that benefits us all, he said. “Growth is inevitable, and I want to make sure that it is the right kind of growth.”

He also wants to reduce the city’s crime and improve education, but he is proud of the city thus far and believes that it’s “progressing nicely.”

Moss is endorsed by the Sun Sentinel, Realtors, Dolphin Democrats and Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach.

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